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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Resources for Business
When I started my website two years ago I thought it would bring me tons of business, after all I can reach people all over the world and at any time of the day. Little did I know the amount of networking and research I needed to do to get my site to even show up on a google or yahoo search.
After traveling to marketplaces and holiday events for the past year I have decided it is time to do something about my website so it will actually serve its purpose.
I have joined several groups and networks and read tons of articles. I am in no way an expert on SEO or blogging and still have much more research to do. I did want to share the websites and groups that have been beneficial to me in providing useful information. Hopefully you will find these useful as well if you are trying to update your website and improve your rankings in search engines. If you have any to share, please post them in the comment box.
Groups I belong to:
Merchant Circle- here I have my own business page. You can network with other businesses and also gather great information about websites.
Biznik- This has probably been my greatest source of information. I read Zeke Camusio’s blogs daily. He shares so much information you almost feel guilty not paying him for it. This is also a great networking site.
Linked In- I just joined this and am still in the process of reaping all the benefits. There are literally tons of groups to join and network with. I think this will be very beneficial in the social networking department.
Website I found useful: I have found many good articles on keywords, meta-tags, etc. on this site.
I also belong to Facebook, My Space, and Twitter. I have not explored the networking options for these sites yet as I am trying to get my website updated. With these four resources you are bound to find days worth of information to get you started and on the right track.
Karen Stinchfield

Monday, February 23, 2009

Natural Alternative to Baby Powder

When my children were babies I did not think twice about buying that bottle of Johnson and Johnson baby powder. Now tests show that some baby products can actually be harmful to children. The products of concern containphthalates, which are linked to reproductive problems. Although the use of this chemical is not restricted by the Federal Government, California and other countries have put restrictions on it.
Now I know it's hard to quit using a product every time an alert comes out that it may be harmful. Although, if there is an easy alternative, why not? Baby powder is actually quite easy to make and you probably have the products in your kitchen right now. After all, a natural alternative is much better than using a product that might expose your child to dangerous chemicals.
To make your own baby powder you will need:
2 cups cornstarch
1/2 cup arrowroot (if you don't have this you can find it at Sprouts)
Just mix it up and store it in a jar. You can also add some lavender buds, chamomile or jojoba oil. Lavender and chamomile have a calming effect while jojoba oil softens the skin.
Many companies provide a natural alternative to baby products, just a little peace of mind that you are doing all you can to make sure your precious one is safe.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Spring Fashion

As the weather starts to warm up many of us will be cleaning out the closets and replacing the long sleeves with short sleeves and packing away the sweat pants. Unfortunately, with our children we know that also means a possible new wardrobe for the spring because they have most likely grown out of last years.
Bella and Gracie’s has a new line of dresses called “Pillowcase Dresses”. Yes, some of them are actually made out of pillowcases, but others are made from adorable spring fabric. What makes them so great is they can be layered with a long sleeve top and leggings for those cold days, and with a tank top for warmer afternoons.
Pillowcase dresses are good for year round weather and as your little one grows they can be worn as tops with jeans. Bella and Gracie’s can customize any dress, if you’re looking for matching ones for your daughters or as a gift, or would just like a certain style.
Please check the website as new ones are added frequently.