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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Spring Fashion

As the weather starts to warm up many of us will be cleaning out the closets and replacing the long sleeves with short sleeves and packing away the sweat pants. Unfortunately, with our children we know that also means a possible new wardrobe for the spring because they have most likely grown out of last years.
Bella and Gracie’s has a new line of dresses called “Pillowcase Dresses”. Yes, some of them are actually made out of pillowcases, but others are made from adorable spring fabric. What makes them so great is they can be layered with a long sleeve top and leggings for those cold days, and with a tank top for warmer afternoons.
Pillowcase dresses are good for year round weather and as your little one grows they can be worn as tops with jeans. Bella and Gracie’s can customize any dress, if you’re looking for matching ones for your daughters or as a gift, or would just like a certain style.
Please check the website as new ones are added frequently.

1 comment:

Beth Larrabee said...

I adore pillowcase dresses! The only drawback I have had so far is that my daughter likes to chew on the ribbons. I will have to check your dresses out!