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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Take 61 Seconds & Help This Mother

One of my fellow TwitterMoms is in a children's story contest. View her super short video and that counts as a vote for her in this UK-based contest. The direct link is:

Contest ends 7pm EST on Memorial Day. Fast, 100% free, no sign ups, no registration. Your kids will love imitating the cute little British girl who narrates the story. Wholesome fun and free--what could be better on Memorial Day?


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HSUper Parents said...

Thanks for visiting! You have a cute blog too! I follow you on GFC, twitter, FB, and Etsy. Your products are really adorable! I actually have a "hope" box of baby girl items, hoping baby #2 will be a girl. ;)

KBraden said...

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Ellen said...

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