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Monday, June 21, 2010

Wonderful Giveaway on ShowMeMama's blog

Show Me Mama is doing a great giveaway on a Water Lily Rain Showerhead.  Here are the details and the link to her blog:

Evolve Water Lily Rain Showerhead Review and Giveaway

I can't wait to tell you all about this wonderful Water Lily Rain Showerhead I received from Evolve.  Since I am all for eco-friendly products I was doubly excited. I am a type of person that loves to take frequent showers. I will take them at least 2 or 3 times a day. It really helps me relax and it feels like your in the spa. I have the tendency to turn on the shower, and of course do some other chore while the water gets warm. I know that I am wasting a lot of water by letting it run for so long. My husband always gets on my case to get in the shower, NOW, but I am off finishing some chore or tending to my little one.

When I was given the opportunity to review The Water Lily Rain Showerhead from Evolve, I immediately accepted the offer.  It was really easy to install and the directions were quick to follow, nothing too confusing. I was really trilled to use it and ran the shower like I always do and did a few chores. The amazing thing though is with Evolve's Showerstart Technology it automatically turns off the showerhead and when the water reaches 95 degrees it begins to trickle so you know your shower is hot and ready. Then you pull the cord and voila, a nice full shower. I love it because it saves you a lot of hot water from just flowing down the drain.  The Evolve Rain Showerhead was the perfect size to gradually wash away all the shampoo from my hair and has three spray patterns. It had a really relaxing feeling and I really did not want to get out of the shower, but I had to get out.  You know the saying, when your fingers start to wrinkle that means you have been in the water a little too long. LOL.  
Here is a little bit more about the Evolve Water Lily Showerhead and how it works: "Shave, brush teeth, use washroom, make he bed, grab the phone, start coffee... while waiting for your shower to get warm without wasting hot water. The Evolve showerhead cuts flow to a trickle once water is warm so it’s not running down the drain while you’re away." It notifies you when your shower is ready: "After cold water exits the showerhead the warm water starts to trickle. That “drip, drip” lets you know your shower’s warm and waiting. Restart normal flow by pulling cord or flipping the switch.  What I really love about this, is that it saves you money on your water bill: "Save up to $75 in utility bills and 2700 gallons of water per year . *family of three showering daily and saving one minute of hot water per shower (water flow of 2.5 gpm and $0.03/gallon hot water cost. Can you believe that? You can't beat this at all.

Here are some of the key features of the Evolve Water Lily Rain Showerhead: 
ShowerStartTM technology
save time, water, energy & money without lowering water flow
• Maximum flow allowed by law
delivers a full 2.5 gallons per minute while saving water and the fossil fuel energy used to heat it
• Multi-function rain head
• Ideal balance of coverage and great flow
• Three spray patterns (rain, massage and a combination spray)
• Anti-clog spray nozzles (rub clean design)
• Solid brass fittings
• Trickle/savings mode activated when water reaches 95° F (35° C)
• Resets after each shower
• Attaches to any shower arm with industry standard 1⁄2" fittings
• 5.5" diameter head • Three spray functions
Restart Flow: flip switch or pull cord to resume normal flow & begin showering
• Flow rate of 2.5gpm at 80psi — meets ANSI code A112.18.1, 1062 2.5GPM/80PSI
• Solid brass fittings & ABS body • 17.55 oz

Now, when you decide on buying a showerhead for your home, think about all the key features of the Evolve Water Lily Showerhead and how much money and time it will save you and your family.  Now, they also offer several other styles of shower heads that you can select from, such as rain shower heads, standard shower heads and handhelds. How fantastic is that! Evolve is graciously giving one of my lucky readers a Water Lily Showerhead. Here is how you can enter this amazing giveaway. 

Mandatory Entry:
Visit Evolve and tell me which of the many showerheads or handhelds you think you would love to try.
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